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“I first met Jacqui at a fitness studio where she was instructing and loved her upbeat style. I’ve since been doing her Private Zoom classes and they are so much like being in the studio with her. Jacqui is so encouraging, happy and most importantly uplifting. I get so much out of these classes and can feel myself getting stronger than I would be doing virtual classes on my own. Having the private class at a dedicated time keeps me accountable with the flexibility of having the link to the replay if I can’t make it live and no two classes are the same. More than any other instructor I’ve had, I feel that Jacqui is genuinely interested in seeing me crush the classes and achieve my fitness goals. ”

— Sam T.

High energy is how I would describe Jacqui and her workouts! I have loved her classes she runs at the studio and when she mentioned she was doing live zoom at home workouts I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Jacqui has so much energy, excitement and love for what she does. She is there to push you and encourage you every step of the way. The lives are so amazing at home because you have her giving you encouragement throughout the class and she has the best variety of workouts. Jacqui is great at checking in with how everyone is doing and always includes modifications for each move. I love that if I miss the live workout on zoom I can watch the recording at a later time. Jacqui truly cares about each and every one of the individuals in her classes and she will always learn your name! Her workouts are AMAZING! I leave every class feeling so motivated and like I crushed it.

– Kaitlyn T.

I have started taking Jacqui’s online classes and what I have found is that the classes are varied each day, instructed with great energy and clear explanation. If there are no weights available for the participant, Jacqui will give ideas on other items to use in place of weights. Jacqui will give modifications for lower impact showing from different angles how to hold posture so that we don’t strain or hurt ourselves. The enthusiasm is infectious and will help those of us that are working from home or distancing to stay active for at least an hour each day and to look forward to each day’s class. Thank you so much Jacqui!

— Sam T.

I love Jacqui’s classes so much! For so many reasons. The energy that she brings to class lifts me up so much! It’s always exactly what I need to get me moving! She’s funny and light hearted and so motivating, and when I’m struggling to motivate myself I know Jacqui will get me there. And her class variety is perfect. A good mix of strength training both upper and lower body, as well as lots of cardio and HIIT, with some added stretch/release to help round out a very well balanced fitness regime. I’d absolutely recommend Jacqui’s class to anyone! Whether you’re looking for a challenging class or just getting started, Jacqui gives all sorts of variations and modifications throughout each class, so it really is a great one class fits all. Thank you Jacqui for everything!! I’m so grateful for you and the motivation and light you bring into my daily routine ❤️!

– Kim G.

Because of my work schedule I often can not make the live classes at 12 pm MST. However, I truly appreciate that I am able to complete the classes from the sent out daily cloud recordings, especially on days where I planned to attend but my meeting runs longer than anticipated. I am grateful of Jacqui’s effort into creating a variety each day, week after week. It keeps things interesting and she always picks good exercises. I never feel like she sacrifices quality for novelty. She picks exercises that always seem to work with the weights I have on hand, which is amazing! Jacqui creates versatile workouts with limited equipment and lots of options.

– Julie M.

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