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Being Active & Staying Active

Being Active & Staying Active

Okay, let’s get real.

Do you go by your days following a ‘To-Do’ list, but only have 16 hours in your day (assuming you sleep for 8 hours) to get through the whole list? Perhaps, you are forced to stay in the office a little longer to get it all done; you have after-work errands and somehow need to squeeze in family time i.e., dinner prep, etc.?

Do your days consist of meetings, endless deadlines and pulling long hours at the office?

Do you have a gym bag packed up in the back seat of your car every single day, hoping to make it to the gym when you get a chance to sneak out of the office, but never quite make it there?

Or you just throw in the towel and use the very common “I am too busy to exercise” excuse?

Although this may be true for most, the question is: “Where do you start?”

It is important to set yourself some wellness goals and a timeline.

Some fundamental tidbits to maintaining an active life:

  • Scheduling
  • Consistency
  • Variety

Stay tuned for the next blog, where I will list the above top key things in more detail for maintaining an

A C T I V E   L I F E S T Y L E !

Keep Moving!




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