Virtual Sweat Sessions

Join our 45-minute online group fitness classes Mondays - Fridays at 12pm MST and Saturdays at 10am MST. We offer 7 different formats of classes as follows:

Total Body Fix

This is a full body workout that combines muscle conditioning and cardio exercises.


The ‘L.A.B’ (Legs, Abs, Butt)

We focus on toning and sculpting the legs, core and glutes.

Cardio Kickboxing & Arms

This cardio kickboxing and upper body conditioning combo makes this class fun and beat driven.


Metabolic Booster (Full body intervals)

This class targets 2 or more muscle groups at any given time, including, but not limited to: building lean muscle, improving cardiovascular health, increasing metabolic rate over time and maximizing caloric burn.

Upperbody, Cardio, Core

We focus on toning and sculpting upper body muscles, improving and strengthening the core and improving cardiovascular health.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Stretch, Mobility & Release

Quick high intensity full body intervals designed to elevate the heart rate with short resting time.

The class is capped with 20 minutes of Stretch, Mobility & Release. Stretches are held for 45 – 60 seconds at a time to allow for maximum relief. We also focus on the myofascial release, which is a technique where sustained pressure is applied to the muscles’ connective tissue to improve mobility and free muscle tension.

Sweat Sessions with Jacqui

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